my fear of everything

this morning i found my old writing in my phone. it's written in english and there's no month or date of time i wrote it. i remember writing it in a travel car tho', daytrans if i'm not mistaken.

okay, here it goes.

am i the only one who choose traffic jam? yes, i choose to be stuck rather than a nice, fast trip on the road.

i'm afraid of speed.
i'm a paranoid person who's afraid when the driver push the gas pedal and the scenery on the window get blurred. i can't sleep well in a car with high speed.

i'm afraid of heights.
i always have a tight grip when i'm about to fly.

i can't sleep well in the train because i'm scared of the sound train makes everytime it's moving (and yes it's moving all the time, all the way to the destination). i'm afraid the train will crash into something.

yes, i am that scared and paranoid.
but i looove travelling. the view on the window, the atmosphere of new places, the euphoria i got, and everything.


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